Thursday, 12 May 2011

Film Noir

Film noir is now a genre of highly recognisable and iconic movies, such as Double Indemnity sporting one of the classic plots, the femme fatal. A genre that has be created from films being classified retrospectively. However, some will argue that film noir is not a genre based on content as most genres are. This is based on style, mainly those of dark long shadows and a moody undertone. Interestingly enough though these were films created without any of this in mind, they were created in a style of the time. Some of the films created addressed issues within society, one film in case is dealing with anti-Semitism in Crossfire.

One elements that I really do enjoy is that of the hard-boiled detective and the seedy underworld, all played out in smoky bars and it’s usually raining. Plus the Dutch angles to add an unsettled quirky feel but not forgetting the sinister and very effective use of silhouettes.

I do feel quite enthused looking at these images and having a go at attempting to, though not reproduce, but imitate the style with references from those types of books, such as Robert Crais, though a modern author, the time setting can be adjusted.

Similarly a photo shoot created from that of a film noir script by Raymond Chandler and from what I have read, key elements from that script have been encapsulated into a set of photographs with A-list actors. The project was created by Annie Leibovitz and Michael Roberts, the final piece was named after the original script - Killers Kill, Dead Men Die.

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  1. Whilst technically your media product comes across as a time lapse experiment, there is more to it than meets the eye. There is something quite meditative and even philosophical about creating a stage set from an empty space and seeing it through to the final set. It’s very suggestive – connotation gone wild…in a free flow of signifieds…
    Yours in an excellent blog. It’s full of insights form all aspects of the module and beyond. There is not only plenty of evidence of reading and research from the module reading, but plenty of material that you have sourced yourself. The depth of description and analysis is commendable – please keep going with your reading as it will have an impact on both your practical work and the context that you put it into. Excellent!